Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ali and Matt....

Another beautiful summer wedding in August....
This wedding we actually helped plan and run the show for the family.  We put out the food, hired help to serve and bus tables as well as do the flowers and clean up. 

 Some of the centerpieces getting ready to be filled with cream and peach roses, seeded eucalyptus, queen anne's lace, some alstrameria and some dahlias.

 A beautiful orange/peach dahlia accents the antique birdcage on the dessert table.
 The brides bouquet with orange garden roses, white and pink alstrameria, cream spray roses, dahlias and seeded eucalyptus.
 The darling dessert table.....
 A single jar on each of the bistro tables.  The larger round tables had three jars of varying sizes plus a picture of the couple.
 We had some hanging jars guiding the guests into the reception which was held in the back yard.
 An array of bottled sodas in a galvanized ice bucket.  There was also a taco bar! So yummy!
The beautiful, happy couple.  They were so pleased how everything turned out.

Haskell Wedding

These flowers were soooo gorgeous! We were very pleased how everything turned out!

 These are the centerpieces that were in a square glass vase about 5" cubed.  They are Cool water and Pacific Blue roses with some bright pink rhapsody roses, purple lisianthus, white lisianthus, light purple lisianthus and different shades of purple to pink hydrangea.  They look so lush and rich!
 This is the bride's bouquet with some of the same flowers as above, but with some freesias and some white cymbidium orchids.  We always try to out something delightful smelling in the bouquet.  Flowers should not only look pretty, but smell pretty, too.

 These were two large arrangements in silver orchid pots that were the sides to where they got married on the beautiful marble staircase at the courthouse.
The cake flowers were some listed above, plus the orchid.  When the groom proposed, he had the ring in an orchid on the bride's dinner plate.  Sweet, huh?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anine and Kyle's Open House

 The colors for this wedding were purple, lime green, and turquoise...great colors for a summer wedding!
 Anine's bouquet had spider mums, hydrangea, white lizzies, purple lizzies, hypericum berries and SWEET PEAS. Oh, the sweet peas smelled so good!
 These green roses are called "Super Green"
 We quickly put together a few flower vases to go along the wall with photos.  Here are a few of those:

Bonnie and Drew's wedding

 Bonnie's bouquet
 The wedding colors were gray, persimmon orange and curry yellow.  The flowers in this bouquet are mini calla lilies, alstromeria, ti leaves, and euctalyptus seeds.
 This was an arch decorated for the reception with plumosa fern, lizzies, and gerbs.
 The tent was decorated with the plumosa fern and gerbs

 The centerpieces gave the luncheon a pop of color

The cake was decorated with alstromeria

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Allison and Rick

This wedding was for a friend who got married at the Camarillo House.  The reception was in the barn and it was really fun to shoot pictures this time of day!

 This is our work station! Thank goodness we brought a table.  The other thing we need to pack now in our box would be a glue gun!
 These centerpieces were each different.  We had a good time filling the vases with all sorts of white flowers.  We LOVE peonies!

 The sign in table with dendrobium orchids, white dahlias, white hydrangea and white peonies.
                                                        Cute little black and white anemones
More orchids

                                                               White hydrangea

 Sad this picture was a little dark.  It was three bottles with three anemones in each one.
                                White avalanche roses with some freesias and lisanthus
                                                            A single white dahlia
   White hydrangea and some tall, sparkly wood sticks.  I had glitter all over me by the time I was done!
 White dahlias with a little tube of water on the end of them.  I didn't want them to wilt.
Avalanche roses and larkspur with some freesias tucked in there

                                                     Dahlias, lisianthus, and white roses
                                                      Just roses and the glittery sticks
                                                                  Roses and freesias

  The brides bouquet.  She wanted some charms added to it and I thought it was a nice personal touch.  She also wanted some bling added, which we did at the last minute and that's when the glue gun would've come in really handy!

                                The bouquet had white peonies, freesias, roses and spray roses
 These were the bridesmaids bouquets.  They each had a little charm as well to tell them apart.  These ones had white lisianthus as well as one peony and some freesias and spray roses.
You can see some of the "bling" that we put on these ones.