Friday, January 30, 2009

Brittanie and Michael

Brittanie, here's a few for you! This was such a fun wedding (we were lucky to be guests and florists). The flowers were healthy, the colors were so vibrant and the venue was the Camarillo House!

Aren't these mini calla's to die for? Sometimes they come in too big, but these were PERFECT!
There were two pomanders for the flower girls. Button mums are used.

Josh and Yanelli

This topiary was a little tricky, but a lot of fun!
Yanelli wanted gardenia's in her bouquet. If I remember right, they were in her mother's bouquet. They are fragile flowers, but they sure smell heavenly.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Leanne and Garrett

We got to help with the reception flowers for Leanne and Garrett's beautiful reception. It was held at the Camarillo House. Hydrangea's are a great flower. They take up the space of SEVERAL flowers and they are so stunning. They are a bit of a nightmare to work with, though. They need a good source of water in order to survive. They do not hold up in boutonnieres or corsages. I've used them in hand held bouquet's and as long as they can be in water between the wedding and reception, they've done fine.

Whitney's Bouquet

I loved Whitney's bouquet. Ditte created it! Purple is now a new favorite.

Tip: when a bride has fair skin, it is completely stunning when she chooses a bright colored bouquet.

Disclaimer: I have fair skin and had an all-white's what I wanted!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starting up!

We loved using these deep purple sweet peas, anemones and lizzies for this wedding. The bridal bouquet is awesome, but I'll have to put that picture on later.
Basic boutonniere for the same wedding as above.

Blue and brown were a difficulty combo, but the end result was very nice! Hydrangeas, sweet akito roses, and Asiatic lillies with some flax leaves.

Purple hydrangeas , salal, sweet peas and deep purple lizzies.

Bella Vita roses, with some hot pink rhapsody roses from Valentine's last year.

I just wanted to post some pictures on here of flowers we've done in the past. There are many more pictures to come!