Monday, July 18, 2011

More from Kelly and Mike's wedding...

These are green button mums, blue delphiniums, white spray roses, leather leaf fern and blue cornflower sprinkled around the cake that was made and decorated by Skiff's bakery.
This was the "Sweetheart" table with cream avalanche roses, leather leaf fern, cream stock, blue cornflower, and blue delphinium. Sprinkled with flowers listed above.
One of the lanterns as centerpieces. We thought these turned out really cute. We wired the flowers on top.
These lanterns we taped the flowers onto a wire as well and then wired and hot glued them to the lantern. We also used hot glue to do the fern.
A spray on the gazebo where they had their ring ceremony behind the Wood ranch country club. This had blue hydrangeas, cream roses, stock, green mums, salal and blue delphiniums. Kirsten did a great job on this! We love hydrangeas, but don't recommend them unless they have a constant source of water.

Jeff and Kylie's wedding

One of the centerpieces in a black container that had one purple hydrangea, lavender scabiosas (love those), double purple lizzies, purple veronica and 3 or 5 peacock feathers depending on how many we had left! I love purple!
Kylie had bought some really cool vases from the thrift store, so we just filled them with flowers and put them around. This vignette was on the food table. These containers were purple glass. the tallest just had peacock feathers, then the others two were like the centerpieces but had some sweet peas added.
Another shot of a centerpiece. We're hoping to get some more professional shots of these! :)
The brides bouquet! This was so fun to create with the green artichoke, double lizzies, vanda orchids, peacock as well as black feathers, tree fern, purple veronica and fern coils.
Another shot of the bouquet....we wrapped the stems with purple satin ribbon and had three black covered button pins holding it in place.
This was the guest book sign in table. We just loved the purple hydrangea and the peacock feathers! This container was cool too. Turquoise glass in this cool metal footed stand.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Megan and Andrew's wedding

We loved doing these flowers! Thank you for the opportunity Megan and Andrew! Their colors were cranberry, brown, and cream: perfect for an early November wedding.

Andrew's boutonniere has a red Ranunculus, variegated Italian Pittosporum, Hypericum berry and a brownish Cotinus leaf.

This was one of 3 large arrangements: Chocolate Dahlias, snapdragons, Cream Avalanch roses, Culry Willow, Red roses, Hypericum berries, the Italian Pitt, and cranberries floating in the water.
This one had red snaps, chocolate dahlia's, a burgundy peony, Italian pitt, red and cream roses, willow and hypericum berries.
This was Megan's bouquet, a little nosegay hand-tied with lace to match her dress: Tecate red ranunculus, fern curls, chocolate dahlias, hypericum berries, and red roses.
My beautiful Aunt Gayle is stylishly modeling a pinned corsage of cream spray roses, Italian pitt, and hypericum berries!
The bridesmaids wore wrist corsages.
The table centerpieces were glass vases with floating cranberries: half with a red color scheme, half with a brown and white color scheme as pictured above: willow, Italian pitt, white scabiosa, white snapdragons, chocolate dahlias and hypericum berries.
This little cutie is one of Megan's nieces and we just thought she needed to be holding some flowers so we whipped up a posie of chocolate dahlias.

Megan and Andrew just exiting the Los Angeles LDS temple. We thought the shades were totally cool, dude!

Guest book table arrangement