Monday, November 23, 2009

Doris Lassen Wedding

Our Auntie Doris got married for the first time this weekend! She is 63 years old and married a wonderful man! She was able to have the wedding of her dreams and it was beautiful. Her colors were sage green and pink. They used pink table cloths with a white sheer overlay that looked so elegant. Here are the flowers!

Here is the cake, which actually was a dummy cake that looked beautiful. It has hydrangeas cut in pieces, aqua rose, blue curiosa roses and lizzy buds.
This was an arrangement done in a birdbath that sat on top of an appetizer table. Ivy, seeded eucalyptus, aqua roses, blue curiosa roses and green hydrangea, lizzies and burgundy alstrameria.
Her bouquet was a tear drop shape with the pink hydrangea, blue curiosa, aqua and porcelina roses as well as rosemary, lavender and seeded eucalyptus.
These centerpieces turned out so pretty! We used a silver bowl (that was plastic) with pink or purple hydrangeas, burgundy alstramerias, porcelina spreay roses, seeded eucalyptus, ivy, aqua and blue curiosa roses and pink or lavender lizzies, lavender and rosemary, too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lachelle and Karl Wedding

We used Akito roses, blue delphinium, and orange spray roses on the cakes. Orange rose pedals on the tables.
The guest book table arrangement includes the orange spray roses, gerbers, daisy mums, avalanche roses, and blue delphinium
The bout's were orange mini gerb's with lily grass
Lachelle's bouquet was avalanche roses and orange spray roses

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bedestamor and Far's 70th wedding anniversary

We had a few mishaps with these flowers, ie, the orchids were supposed to be dark purple but ended up orange and red. The little yellow flowers were supposed to be freesias, but we had to use some coreopsis instead. Overall, we were so happy with how they turned out, even thought the Iris's hadn't opened up yet!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moffat and Sawyer wedding

The bridal bouquet included white orchids, lizzianthus, mini callas, blue delphinium, spray roses, and salal leaf

On the cake we used blue delphiniums, white orchids, lizzies and calla lilies. It turned out so beautiful. Our friend Amy Stolworthy made the cake and it was delicious!
This nosegay had blue scabiosas, green orchinds, white tulips, Calla lilies and Lizzies

This picture was taken by Ari Lewis from Ari photography

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More flower pictures

The bride with her bouquet! Gorgeous picture!
Cute little pomander ball made from red carnations

The Roulette rose bouquet. Loved those roses!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Karly and Gavin's Wedding

Ditte and I got to do flowers for a wedding this week. I'll post the photos I have and Ditte can post the ones she has of the beautiful bouquet she did.

Yummy Bread Basket cake. Their colors were red, white, and black.

This is the biggest arrangement we've done to date. I couldn't sleep last night, trying to picture what it was going to look like.
Centerpieces were Roulette roses, Temptation roses, red spray roses, salal, and lily grass
I didn't get any photos of the cute pomander balls we did out of mini carnations. I love pomander balls...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Beth and Greg

Beth is a petite lady, so we used a small hand held bouquet with white lilacs, gardenias (a favorite of hers), akito roses, and white tulips.

This arrangement was for the sign in table. It includes salal, roses, heather, and tree fern.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Flowers

One dozen red roses with seeded eucalyptus for the greenery.
Two dozen red Freedom roses that were much better than last years cardinal and bulls eye ones

Beautiful Dolce Vita roses. Their stems and foliage are just so nice to work with.

We had fewer orders this year but think it wasn't about us, but due to the economy! We are thankful for our loyal customers and even picked up a few new ones as well. Thanks fellas! Here are some pictures of the roses.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funeral flowers for an amazing man

This was on of my most favorite projects: flowers for the funeral of Al Cheney. He was a GREAT artist who used vibrant colors in his paintings. His wife, Lindann is a great friend and fellow florist. We wanted to do both of them justice. Not that we did, but it was an honor to do the arrangements. Melissa Munsey helped a lot with this project.

Larry and Trine

Trine and Larry were married the week AFTER Valentine's, same year as Ben and Shek. Happy Anniversary to you two! Their colors were orange and hot pink. We de-thorned almost 1000 roses!

Piano arrangement

Isn't she a beautiful? Notice the bright color bouquet with the fair skinned bride? Why didn't I do that?

Else and Haans

Else and Haans were married in the month of January. Their colors were light blue and brown. Some flowers we used were light blue delphinium, light blue iris (Else's favorite), hydrangeas, akito roses, asiatic lilies, safari sunset, Schwenalder mini callas, flax, fern coil.

What a CUTE couple! Thank you Else for the pictures. It is a lot of fun getting to do flowers for your sisters. Though, it is a little crazy with the timing, trying to keep the flowers fresh, yet still be part of the party. PRICELESS!

Amanda and Rob

We were asked to do the centerpieces for Amanda and Rob's wedding. We used various cake stands for each arrangement. Their colors were coral and teal! Those are cool colors, but when you pick colors that may be hard to match flowers with, you can go with several shades around one of the colors and bring out the other color in candles/table clothes/pebbles, etc. In this case, we used several shades of orange and peach to collectively represent the coral color.

Shakirra and Ben

They were married the week before Valentine's. Happy anniversary, you two! Here's some photo's of your flowers. It was supposed to rain the day of their reception, but they must have been doing something right because the sun came out and it was a perfect 75 degree afternoon.
This was a bridesmaid bouquet with sweet peas, lizzies and sweetheart roses.
One small detail was we took the pearl pins and painted them light pink with nail polish.
Shakirra wanted a different arrangement for each table. This was one of them with stock, tulips, wax flower, ranunculus, alstromeria, and salal leaf.
Ben's bout
Shakirra was married on one day and her reception was on the next day. This was her wedding day bouquet.
Another centerpiece arrangement: roses, tree fern, vibernum, and salal.
Yet another centerpiece: bear grass, ivy, gerbs, tulips, and lizzies

Cute little girls :-) with white hydrangea pomanders. They weighed a TON!